Angela C. Robinson, retired Connecticut Superior Court Judge and breast cancer survivor, is passionate about helping people come together to solve problems. Life is too short to live in pain, discord and turmoil! Through cooperative, collaborative and amicable effort, we can all achieve – peace.

When Robinson was appointed to the Connecticut Superior Court in 1998, she became the youngest jurist in the history of Connecticut. She remained on the bench as an active trial court judge until her retirement in 2018. During her twenty years serving as a state court judge, she decided or assisted in the resolution of thousands of disputes, including commercial, contract, employment, family, housing, insurance, juvenile, medical and professional malpractice, municipal, personal injury, products liability and zoning cases. At the time of her retirement she was the Administrative Judge for the Judicial District of New Haven, in charge of several hundred judicial employees, including dozens of judges, and overseeing four courthouses and several non-courthouse facilities. For many years, she was the Civil Presiding Judge in the New Haven Judicial District, the busiest Civil docket in the state at the time

As a judge, Robinson wrote over 400 judicial decisions, and of those that were appealed, an overwhelming majority were affirmed by the appellate courts.  She presided over hundreds of trials and hearings and oversaw non-trial proceedings including mediation-like settlement conferences and arbitrations. This extensive and broad judicial experience is supplemented by her years of legal experience as both a plaintiff’s lawyer and a civil defense attorney.

Melding her passion for Alternative Dispute Resolution with her interest in workplace equity, Robinson established RDC to enable her to do both.  

Robinson is an honors graduate of the Cheshire Academy, Rutgers University, Douglass College (Phi Beta Kappa) and Yale University School of Law.